About Us

 About us


Our History

Shenzhen Mao Xin Wang Precision Technology Co., Ltd. was established on December 06, 2018.


Our Factory

Shenzhen Mao Xin Wang Precision Technology Co., Ltd. has long served in the fields of: intelligent equipment, hardware mold, digital, computer, digital, mechanical equipment. The company adheres to the "carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship" purpose of business, sincerely welcome customers from China and abroad to visit the cooperation, the company is willing to cooperate with everyone sincerely, hand in hand to create brilliant!


Product Application

The company's business scope includes: general business items are: civil aircraft and its engines, aviation equipment, intelligent equipment, aviation airborne equipment, aerospace aircraft parts, aero-engine spare parts research and development; hardware molds, hardware parts, hardware products, molds and their accessories, plastic molds, plastic products, electrical equipment, tooling, photoelectric products, household products, machinery and equipment, non-standard machinery and equipment The design and sale of electronic components, electronic products, silicone products; domestic trade, import and export of goods and technology, etc.


Our service

1. Industry scale, professional strength manufacturers, specialized R & D team, according to your needs, to provide you with a perfect program into the high-tech content, coupled with production equipment, so that the product added value is high.

2. The company has a group of senior talents engaged in mechanical automation research and development for many years, to solve the technical problems on production and processing for the company and customers. Strictly implement the industry standard operation, to ensure the processing quality assurance, finished products with high pass rate.

3. Professional customer service, fast response.